"Take Me To Your Heart" By A Blind Cambodian Boy


Made with Paper


The Heart of Cambodia by ~Piero1980

“The country is beautiful but has a very sad, violent past which is rooted in the heartbeat of the country. I wanted to include elements of that past in the piece but still keeping the focus on the man made and natural beauty the country has to offer.”

"no, you don’t look like a french actress, this will not work" - berenice marlohe on struggling to fit into a mould.

"shawn chan gets a portrait tattoo of his parents. during the tattooing shawn recounts their story of coming to america. the hardships and life threatening dangers they all faced in cambodia makes their journey and his tattoo even more miraculous"

daniele owens of the dolly rocker.

half cambodian. half english.

damn. she’s cute…


Angelina Jolie’s Journey to Cambodia for Louis Vuitton (Full Interview)


Gobshite (MGC) - Khmenglish

Gobshite of Leicesters MGC breaks down a bit of Cambodia’s national language (Khmer) for you.


Kosal Khiev is an Exiled American. Listen to his story. This man is amazing.

(Source: youtube.com, via ohmykhmer)


Cambodian Princess by ~Sopeh

awesome drawing.